Export Documents

When transporting trucks, trailers and other vehicles, you have various customs documents necessary for example, an EX1 document (export declaration) wich we can make directly at our office. This is needed when exporting your vehicle outside the EU. Verhaegh Trading B.V. has direct contact with the customs and all the know-how on import and export restrictions, customs formalities and regulations at home. This is for your benefit, because it helps ensure that your vehicle arrives safely and correctly at your selected destination. Our staff can also provide you with an EUR1 document and Certificate of Origin (CVO).

Truck Insurance

During transport, your vehicle has a temporary registration certificate which means that your vehicle is not insured. Verhaegh Trading B.V. allows you to your vehicle purchased by direct transfer from a temporary insurance. The default for this temporary insurance five days in practice proves to be enough. We can arrange for your vehicle ensuring a longer time. Ask about the possibilities and prices at one of our staff. Verhaegh Trading B.V. assures you of a safe homecoming.

RDW Certified

When buying or selling a vehicle, the name in which a vehicle is registered must always be transferred to the new owner (vehicle registration certificate part 1B). In the Netherlands, this is done by the Centre for Vehicle Technology and Information (Rijksdienst voor Wegverkeer, RDW). Verhaegh Trading B.V. is RDW certified. This means that we can quickly and easily: add the vehicle to our stock list, transfer the registration to the new owner, terminate its registration with the RDW when the vehicle is dismantled and terminate its registration with the RDW when the vehicle is exported.