About Us

Verhaegh Trading B.V. is a company that was founded by the Verhaegh Family. The company was started by J. M. Verhaegh senior in 1960. His trading area was only inside Holland by that time. And the name was "Jan Verhaegh ijzer en metaal handel".

Because the development of the company, B.Verhaegh and sons took over and the name was changed in 1995 to "V.O.F. B. Verhaegh Trucks" This company worked untill 2005 and by then was allready active in the world wide import and export of used vehicles.

V.O.F. B. Verhaegh Trucks has changed his name to Verhaegh Trading B.V. at the end of the year 2005.

This is because the companys activities in the worldwide import and export has changed with a wider range of vehicles.

Such as:



Truck spare parts

Construction equipment

This is why Verhaegh Trading B.V. is a family business with dedicated people and great experience. We also take care of transport, shipping and all the required documents. So you can be assured of a reliable service and business partner.


Verhaegh Trading B.V. is selling about 50% of his stock trough the internet. On the internet are many fake company's therefore we want to protect you for doing business with the wrong people. That's why it is of great importance that you as customer know who you are dealing with. When you buy something at our company you can be assured, that you will receive your goods and they can be delivered where ever you want.


Yours Sincerly,


Verhaegh Trading B.V.